How to Care for Baby Skin in Winter

Winter is not the skin’s cup of tea. It comes with skin dryness, flaking and lips chapping. Imagine what it is like with infants and toddlers, whose skin is highly prone to dehydration?

Moreover, babies are prone to snow burns. This is usually sun burns, but which go through the snow. Trust me, their impact is worse than that of direct sunburns.

But how do we protect babies from the harsh impacts of winter? Stick with me and learn.

Keep the Baby Bath Warm and Exciting but Short

As always, the baby’s bath time should be exciting. Add their favorite fragrance soaps and shampoos in the water, and let their bath toys add to the excitement. That remains even in winter.

What changes then? The duration and temperature of the water. In winter, the water should be warm, at least with the highest temperatures that the baby can handle. Since a lot of water in the tub could be hazardous to the baby, you can warm the room first. This way, the naked baby skin will not be prone to the biting cold.

Keep the bath shorter.

Treat your Baby with Moisturizing Creams and Lotions

Treat the skin of your baby with winter creams and lotions. Full of vitamins and minerals, our baby creams for winter with keep the baby skin hidden from the cold.

We also have a range -of baby-friendly sunburn skincare, which you can add to your collection. Thus, your baby will be safe from snow burns.

Quit baby powders and replace them with creams and liquid baby products, which will keep the skin hydrated.

Diapers and Baby Wipes

Babies need frequent diaper changes during winter, as you well know. With Beauty Bebo online baby products, your baby skin doesn’t have to suffer from diaper rash. You can always reach out whenever you run out of diapers and wipers.

Our wipes are baby friendly, so you don’t have to be concerned about allergic reactions. All the products are from natural ingredients.

To top it up, we have diaper creams, which put a protective layer on your baby bum to prevent the rash.

At Beauty Bebo;

We represent all your baby needs to keep the skin healthy and glowing, hence keeping the baby happy. As you well know, a happy baby will translate to a happy you.