Ultimate Guide on Bronzer

To give your complexion a bit of dimension and grace to your beautiful cheekbone, bronzer must be your go-to product. The bronzer has been the mainstream makeup step for many years.

Bronzer is for emulating a sun-kissed skin and gives you a tan skin. It is a great product to make your skin look healthy and radiant. It adds warmth to your skin. If you are looking for a natural look, you can go for bronzer without any second thought. Bronzing product comes in a different formula, such as gels, creams, powders, etc.

 To help you make the right choice, read on for a quick primer on a few bronzer products. The two main product of mac bronzer that we have on this site is M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+ (Shimmer) Goldlite and M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix.

How to Perfectly Apply Bronzer?

Applying a bronzer perfectly can be a difficult task for many people? If you are also one among the folks then here is the step by step guide for doing it.

Step one is to create an even base:

1.    Firstly, wash your face with lukewarm water and a cleanser.

2.    Next, apply a good moisturizer with sunscreen.

3.    Now, apply concealer.

4.    Then, create an even canvas with a liquid foundation.

Step two is to put on your bronzer:

1.    Choose a bronzer that is darker than your natural skin tone.

2.    Use a wide fluffy powder brush and rub it on the bronzer.

3.     Apply the bronzer on your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, chin, nose, and neck.

Step three is to put on your bronzer:

1.    Use the brush for blending the bronzer.

2.    Eliminate any harsh line.

3.    Apply blush if you want.

4.    Lastly, lock the look with a setting spray.

How to Choose Right Bronzer for Your Skin Tone?

Applying a bronzer will make your skin glow, but choosing the right shade of bronzer can be a difficult task. However, you need not worry when we providing you a complete guide on it.

No matter what your skin tone, the general rule is to choose a bronzer darker than your natural skin. Below are the few quick tips, which you can go for.

•    If you are fair to light: Women with fair to light skin should use a sheer, light rose or peach-colored bronzer.

•    If you are medium to olive: If you fall into this category, you can go for sheer copper or earth-colored bronzer.

•    If you have darker skin: Women with dark brown should try chocolaty-brown bronzer with a subtle shimmer.

By looking at sheer, shimmer you must be thinking what is all this, what is the difference in each of them.

Therefore, we have covered in our next topic.

Should I Use Shimmer bronzer, matte bronzer or Sheer bronzer?

You can easily find a bronzer formula for every skin type and tone. However, the looks depending on the finish you have. You can find out which out of the three suits you.

Shimmer bronzer contains a light-reflecting particle to highlight the skin.

The matte bronzer contains no shimmer or sheer and gives you a natural skin-finish.

Sheer bronzer gives you a subtle look. Sheer is much comfortable than matte and shimmer.