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Personal Care

Personal Care
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    Garnier Light Complete Moisturising Serum-In-Lotion - pack of 2

    Garnier Light Complete Moisturising Serum-In-Lotion - pack of 2

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Personal Care Products Online

Personal care ranges from bathing, to taking care of your delicate yet strong body, ensuring it is at its best. At Beauty Bebo, we have covered all aspects of body care, ensuring optimum customer satisfaction.

Our personal care products range from bath products, exfoliators, body cleansers, skin protectors and beauty products.

Face Products

Brace yourself for a good scrub, exfoliation and cleansing. We even have Ubtan and face masks to ensure your facial is fully covered.

Black spots, dead cells and a clogged face will be a thing of the past. And finally, use our moisturizing products and tools to leave a smooth rectified face.

Bath Products

Treat yourself to a wide spectrum of bath products online. We have shower gels and bathing soaps that will take away all the greasy and oily dirt of your body. Your body skin pores will be ready for a more exciting breathability.

We have shower and bathing accessories such as shower caps, bath brushes, loofahs and sponges.

Additionally, we ensure that you have essential oils and body cleansers online that you will add to your bathtub. These essential oils will offer the best relaxation your tired and stressed up body requires after a long day.

Body Oils and Creams

Once you step out of your bath, body massage oils and creams will be the best embrace your body can get. Not to mention sun screens with all the essential ingredients to protect your skin from abrasive sun burns.

Your whole household will never complain of fatigue when these products becomes a part of your body care shelf.

Personal Care Products Brands

Advance your personal care with products from well-spoken brands. These include, among others, L’Oreal Paris, Joy, Aroma Magic, Lotus Herbs, Biotique, Maybelline, Mamaearth, Vega, Chicco and Neutrogena.


You deserve the best beauty products, simply because you are beautiful. Let the freshness and perfume of your body brighten your day with positivity.